The Consul of Presto! it is the center where all the products of your venue are contained divided by Departments and, if you have the Personal + or Pro version, by Sections.


Departments allow you to group your food and drinks, for quicker access and clearer representation in the bills.

Basic information of a department:

The name given to the department. Visible in documents. If a symbol is assigned to the department, the name can optionally be made visible in the upper part of the department icon.

Optionally provides an alternate name, visible only to operators. The caption, when present, is displayed at the bottom of the department icon.

You can choose from the dozens of icons that come with Presto! The symbol and its color are extremely useful, not only for searching for dishes, but also for viewing the bill details.

Tax Information
Each department can be assigned an independent VAT rate, and even a reason for exemption, shown in the sales documents.

Addons and options
For departments with homogeneous contents, it is possible to define surcharges, discounts and options common to all products. For example, the pizzeria department might contain the additions typically required for most pizzas (size, double mozzarella, etc.). The additions and options set for a department will be added to those set for individual items; in the case of additions and options with the same name, those set for the individual dish will have priority over those of the department.

Favorites Department

When using Presto!, a special “Favorites” department is automatically generated and maintained, containing the best-selling products. This department is extremely useful for quickly inserting the classic products of your place (Espresso, natural water, draft beer, etc.).


Sections provide an additional element of grouping for your products, within a single department. For example, the Pizzeria department could contain the Classic, Special, Extravagant sections, etc. The Wine department could contain the White, Red, Rosé, Bubbles, etc. sections.



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