Make the most of iCloud sync

If you have the Presto! Pro, your accounts are synced across all devices with the same iCloud account. To get the best out of the synchronization system offered by Presto! it is helpful to know some aspects and best practices.

How does synchronization work?

Presto! maintains a local copy of the data on each device, so as to provide maximum performance during use and, extremely important, to guarantee operation even in the absence of an internet connection (off-line).

When data are synchronized?

Depending on the type of data and other factors such as the quality of the connection, the charge status of the device, etc., the sending and receiving of updates with iCloud can occur instantly or after a certain period of time, determined from the operating system.

In general, the following should be noted:

  • Following the creation or modification of an account, the information is sent to iCloud only after pressing the Send button, this to allow to freely perform operations and cancellations before sending.
  • Several operations carried out in quick succession, are grouped into a single sync operation and scheduled to be sent after a variable period of time depending on the subsequent inactivity. In practice, when the operator stops making changes to the accounts, the app and the operating system send the changes.
  • Bringing the app to the background, or putting the device in standby, by pressing the home button or when switching to another app, data not yet synchronized are sent to the cloud.
  • By reopening the app, from the home, the app switcher or exiting standby, new data are downloaded from the cloud.

Presto! has been calibrated to provide the best synchronization, according to the typical operations specific of the restaurant/catering sector. Below is an example of a procedure that provides fast and reliable synchronization:

  1. The operator unlocks the device or opens the app
  2. Presto! update local data with those present on iCloud
  3. A bill is created or modified
  4. The account is sent to the departments (Send button)
  5. Presto! and the operating system decide whether to send the changes to iCloud immediately or after grouping them with others pending
  6. The operator locks the device
  7. Presto! submit pending changes to iCloud

Questions and answers

I have entered ot edited bills on one device but do not immediately see the schanges on the others.
As discussed earlier, when to propagate local changes can vary depending on various factors, such as connection quality, network load, or accumulated number of operations. The average time tested is between 5 to 30 seconds.

I don’t use Presto! for several days and the devices are not aligned with each other.
This type of behavior may be due to excessive time elapsed between app usages; within some time a log of operations is kept in order to ensure constant and reliable synchronization. If the log is too old, older changes may not be downloaded correctly. In this case, in the Archives section of the app configuration there is a command to restore synchronization. Warning: do not use this command if the synchronization does not happen in a few seconds. This is normal behavior.

I bought a new device for Presto! What is the best procedure for having data in iCloud?
First activate the iCloud account on the new device. Install Presto! and at the plan selection screen, tap on Restore purchases. This procedure allows you to activate the Pro plan, the only one to have iCloud synchronization. Depending on the size of your business and the data in iCloud, it may take several minutes before the new device is aligned with the others.

How much space is used on iCloud and how is it counted?
Presto! uses the user’s personal iCloud space, so it is counted within the free 5GB provided by Apple or any additional plans purchased. You can check the space used by Presto! from iPhone / iPad Preferences, iCloud, Space Management, Presto! The space used naturally depends on the number of bills entered, the number of dishes and the amount of operations performed. Another factor that can have a significant impact is the presence of images associated with the dishes.

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