Presto! introduces a new and revolutionary interface designed specifically for your needs for efficiency and simplicity in the hectic phases of your work.

All the informations and actions are immediately accessible in a simple and elegant form.

Presto! makes extensive use of gestures to speed up even the most complex operations such as paying a bill directly from the list.

On the iPhone and iPod Touch, the interface is designed and optimized for use with one hand.

On the iPad, the food Console is intelligent, so as to give you maximum performance during use, and it’s simple even on the iPhone.


The list of the active bills allows you to have all the information of the bill and the table at a glance: the amount, the time and date of opening, the title of the bill or possibly to whom it is registered, the number of the table, the name of the room, the number of seats and the state of the orders. 

Search for a bill with any type of criteria: table, customer name, even the name of one of the dishes ordered.

Swipe on a bill to make a quick payment or send a modified bill. Or press and hold to access the main commands and infos.

The history screen allows you to access closed bills, automatically grouped by period, view their documents, reopen and export them.


The new simplified order and account management method allows you to create and modify an order in just a few seconds.

Create a new bill, associate a table, set the number of seats (covers), enter a title or associate a contact from the address book.

Switch from Order mode to Account mode with a tap.

Add, move, duplicate, replace or delete dishes, use the Consolo or insert dishes by hand quickly.

You can group the dishes to more easily manage the insertion time and the order of exit. Even giving the group a name.

Customize the output sequences by assigning each dish a status according to your needs and habits.

Change the status of dishes with a simple “swipe” of the finger or to an entire group with a single touch.


The payment of the bill is managed entirely in a single and simple interface.

Presto! also manages partial checkouts, allowing you to have multiple payments in the same bill.

Add a discount by simply changing the total amount or rounding it.

Choose the payment method and the type of document. The app proposes the mode and type in an intelligent way according to the associated customer.

Rooms and Tables

The new table management system allows you to have all the tables in your venue, divided by rooms, with quick references to the table number, number of seats available.

Create the rooms with tables, assign seats and check availability in an easy and immediate way.

View and edit bills or checkout from the Tables view too.


The Console has been completely revised to give you maximum efficiency when composing orders.

Give each department a color, an icon, a name and even a caption.

Also manage add-ons, options and reductions for each individual dish or for entire departments.

Quickly and easily search for dishes inside the Console.

Address Book

We know how important customers are, so we have also rethought the address book, more complete with the division between personal and business information, annotations and the convenient functionality to create a bill directly from the contact.

View the contacts directory, enter the personal data of your regular customers and export the data.

Consult or modify the details of your contacts, access their history and open a new bill directly from the address book.


If you have the Pro subscription plan, you can manage access and use of Presto! with different operators, each of whom with different rights according to their duties.

Create new operators, enable them and assign the level according to their job. 

At each access or to authorize advanced operations, the application requires the pin for greater security.


Presto! introduces a revolutionary print management system, through Profiles, which allow you to configure the behaviors and characteristics of printed documents without complex and cumbersome procedures.

Presto! guarantees compatibility with most departmental and fiscal printers on the market. It is also compatible with some models of Bluetooth printers, particularly suitable for use on the move or without a network connection.

Create as many profiles as you want, each associated with a printer and with its own printing characteristics.

Automatic profiles send a printout each time the account is changed. Perfect for printing orders in the various departments of your venue.

The application is supplied with some commonly used profiles already configured. Pair your printers to be immediately operational.

Thanks to its own drivers developed specifically for the application and able to communicate directly with the printers and, for some models, even automatic detection within the own network.

For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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