Print profiles

Presto! introduces the concept of the Print Profile which, together with the Workflow, provides a simple and effective method to automate the operations of sending orders to the various departments, as well as the management of payment documents.

What is a Print Profile?

Basically provides Presto! instructions on what to include and where to send information when an order is sent.

The typical use of a Print Profile is to send the order to a specific departmental printer. For example the Bar profile, will contain the following directives:

  • prints only the entries just added
  • prints on the Bar printer
  • prints only the entries of the Cafeteria, Beverages, Cocktails and Spirits departments

Types of print profiles

Presto! manages two types of profiles: Order and Bill


The Order type profile is intended for printing orders, containing the items ordered and targeted to specific departments.

The Order type profiles can be set as Automatic, that is, they can be executed automatically when each bill is sent. When a bill is sent, Presto! scrolls through all active automatic profiles and sends the content of the order (or part of it) only to the profiles that meet the automation criteria specified for each profile. For example, if two beers and a pizza are added to the order, the sending will cause the printing of the beers on the Bar profile and the pizza on the Pizzeria profile.


The Bill type profile is intended for payment documents: receipt, and invoices. The type of profile to be used is chosen by the operator during the checkout phase of the bill (both full and partial). For venues that do not use Presto! fiscal support, only one Bill type profile may be required. In case of documents of different types it is possible to create different profiles.

When first installing Presto!, two profiles are created for the two expected types, each targeting the Presto! virtual printer. It will be sufficient to create a printer using one of the various drivers provided, and associate it with the profile to be immediately operational.

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